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After the Government of India passed the mandate in 2012 for an advanced sport training institute to be established in Arunachal Pradesh, the journey of the National Institute of Mountaineering and Adventure Sports (NIMAS) has been a slow and steady one. From the confines of official documents to the freedom of structured training provided to defense personnel as well as civilians, the institute now stands alongside the historic Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and a few others. Successful collaboration between the Ministry of Defence, Govt of India, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh and the "Core" team has finally made the institute not just the first of its kind in the state but also in India.


The National Institute of Mountaineering and Adventure Sports (NIMAS) was metaphorically born when the Government of India felt the need for an institute with a holistic approach towards adventure sports. The institute was carefully crafted to offer training across land, air and water – a first of its kind that allows civilians to experience challenges across a variety of outdoor surfaces as well as pursue a career in adventure sports.

Right from its concept stage, the idea behind NIMAS has been to drive home the true spirit behind adventure. We have created every training programme at NIMAS to draw upon the ideas of self- exploration and individual evolution – much of which have been inspired by the splendid inner and outer journeys of individuals closely associated with the institute. Another continuing goal that has driven us forward is to contribute to the local economy through sustainable employment. Over the years, the institute has seen a plethora of locals intent on working hard and making NIMAS a success, every step of the way.


Spread over an area of 52 acres, NIMAS is located in the West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh. Situated on a hill which is at a height of somewhere between 6000-7000 feet, the institute overlooks the town of Dirang and the Sela Pass and boasts of wonderful scenery all around. The state-of- the-art campus with traditional style houses is being built to provide accommodation to hundreds of students at any given time. Separate hostels for men and women are being constructed and the entire campus is expected to be fully constructed by the next four years. 

One of the main roles of the NIMAS campus is to act as the base camp for all the different programmes that the institute conducts. Dirang is accessible from both Tawang, where most of the mountaineering activities are conducted as well as East Kameng, where students are taken for their training in rafting and aero sports. 

Dirang is highly regarded for its amazing landscape and beautiful weather, winters being sunny and monsoons being lush and long. The rich bio-diversity of the region makes it the ideal place for a well- equipped adventure sports establishment like NIMAS. Strategic thought and design is currently being applied to recreate Dirang's bio-diversity within the institute campus.

Mr. Rajnath Singh
Defence Minister of India
President of the Institute

Shri Pema Khandu
Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh
Vice President of the Institute

National Institute of Mountaineering & Adventure Sports at Dirang in Arunachal Pradesh operates under the control and superintendence of ministry of defense, Government of India. Mr. Rajnath Singh Defence Minister is the president of the institute and Shri Pema Khandu chief minister is the vice president of the institute. Shri Rajiv singh thakur, Joint Secretary (Army), Ministry of defense is the Secretary of the institute. The institute has seven member governing council with representatives from central and Arunachal Pradesh government. The institute started functioning with effect from 30th may 2013



Col Ranveer Singh Jamwal, SM, VSM** is an alumnus of Army Cadet Collage (ACC) and Indian Military Academy. He hails from Samba District of Jammu and Kashmir. He is originally from 11 JAT but commanded the elite Paratrooper battalion 7 VIKAS (SFF). He took over as the Director of NIMAS on 01 June 2022. He is an avid adventurer having expertise in Mountaineering, Skiing and White Water Rafting. He has done 40 Major Mountaineering Expeditions so far and is the only Indian to have climbed the highest mountain of all Seven continents alongwith 3 summits of Everest. He has done Mountain and Ski Instructor tenure in the Prestigious “High Altitude Warfare School” and has done a staff tenure in the Army Headquarters Army Adventure Wing. He is also a trained Mountain Rescue Specialist from Switzerland and has been actively involved in Mountain Rescue Operations across the country. He has been an outstanding leader and has successfully led numerous mountaineering expeditions. A record number of 51 climbers have climbed Mt Everest under his leadership. He also holds the unique record of climbing six, 6000 mtr Mountains in Chile in 10 days, which was established as an Asian Record (2019) and holds the record of being the first Indian to Ski down from Mt Elbrus (2014). Col Jamwal is the proud recipient of Highest Adventure Award of India (Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award) this is equivalent to Arjuna Award. He has got 10 awards from Army including the prestigious Sena Medal and Vishisht Seva Medal, twice. He got the highest award of J&K Government (Sher-e- Kashmir Sports Award for being outstanding sports person). He was selected as the 12 icons of J&K Government in 2017 and was the face of J&K bank Calendar. He was declared the best mountaineer of India by Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) in 2017 and was awarded the IMF Gold Medal duly recognizing his feats. In 2020 he was awarded the Navratna Puruskar by the Hospitality Industry of India. He is playing a significant role in guiding the youth and spreading the word of adventure with environmental ethics to all regions of India.

Chief Instructor

Maj Pankaj Gaur an alumnus of Officers Training Academy, Chennai and NIM Uttarkashi is commissioned in the 12th Battalion the DOGRA Regt. He is an avid mountaineer and adventure enthusiast with an unquenchable thirst for mountaineering and conquering the toughest heights known to man and also white water rafting. He hails from the Vedic land of Haryana, which has been a cradle of Indian culture & civilization and home to some of the best sportsperson of the country. The Officer is thoroughly trained and experienced mountaineer with the skill set required for mountaineering training and expeditions. Apart from courses and training, the Officer has the experience and practical know how essential for the expeditions obtained through various successful expeditions such as Mt Ibex-6228M, Mt Gangchua-6288M, Mt Friendship-5287M (Winter Expedition), Mt DKD II-5670M, Mt Bhanoti- 5645 (Winter Expedition). He led the successful expedition to Mt Pupsura - 6440M(Peak of Evil Climbing)and was the Deputy Team Leader of Mount Nun-7135M and First Indian Army Mountaineering Expedition to Mt MAKALU - 8463M in Nepal.


Sub Khagendra Bahadur Limbu

Sub Khagendra Bahadur Limbu is from the SIKKIM Scouts (Gorkha Rifles) of the Indian Army. He is posted to NIMAS as a senior mountaineering instructor. He hails from Darjeeling (West Bengal) and has done his courses from HAWS. He has successfully summiteer of Army Ski Expedition and Mochai Peak. He has vast experience of Karate Sport and got six Gold Medal in National and two Gold Medal in International Karate championship.

Amit Chowdhry (Civil Instr)

With a highly acclaimed record, civil instructor Amit Chowdhry has scaled a number of important peaks, which include Mt Gangotri I, Bhagirathi II, Rudgaira, Mt Bandar Puch and Mt Gorichen. Amit believes that the primary goal of adventure sports is self-realisation. His contribution in raising NIMAS training team is praiseworthy.

Hav Ishwar Singh

Hav Ishwar Singh is from the elite Parachute Regt of the Indian Army. A thoroughly trained adventure expert he has guided his way to the top of famous peaks like Mt Nun and Mt Machoi in Kashmir.

Tashi Yangjom (Civil Instr)

Civil instructor Tashi Yangjom is the only permanent lady mountain instructor at NIMAS. She has a passion for mountaineering and loves white water rafting. She belongs to Lubrang village in West Kameng district and presently lives in Dirang Arunachal Pradesh.

Nb Sub Prakash Chand

Nb Sub Prakesh Chand is from the Parachute Regt of the Indian Army. He is an experienced climber who has earlier done his tenure at HAWS as instructor. He hails from Himachal and his love for mountains has brought him to NIMAS as mountain instructor. An experienced paratrooper Hav Prakash Chand not only has experience in several Aero Adventure Sports but he has vast experience of mtn expedition to include expeditions to Mt Machoi (5391M), Mt Harmukh (5142M) and Mt Meera (5677M) in Eastern Himalayas in India.

Sub Bishnu Bahadur Rana, SM

Sub Bishnu Bahadur Rana, SM is from the Gorkha Regiment of the Indian Army. He is posted to NIMAS as a senior mountaineering instructor. He hails from Nepal and has done his courses from HAWS. He has vast experience of mtn expeditions to include successful summit oof Mt Everest (8848M), Mt Trisul (7120M) and Mt Dewtibba (6001M).

Nb Sub Vikram Gurung

Nb Sub Vikram Gurung joined NIMAS Team as mountaineering instructor. He belongs to the Gorkha Regiment. He has done his mountain and winter warfare mountaineering courses from HAWS. His experience in mountaineering expeditions include expeditions to Mt Machoi (5391M), unnamed (5158M), Mt Sajum (6364M), Mt Kangto-6 (6062M). He was an active member during India’s first Winter Bailey’s Trail Trekking Expedition in Arunachal Pradesh.

Hav Karna Bahadur Thapa

Hav Karna Bahadur Thapa is the new member to join NIMAS team as mountaineering instructor. He belongs to the Gorkha Regiment of the Indian Army. He has done his mountaineering courses from HAWS with excellent grading. He has successfully climbed peaks like Mt Machoi (5391M) and Mt Kangto-6 (6062M) in the Eastern Himalayas.

Hav Tik Bahadur Chhetri

Hav Tik Bahadur Chhetri joined NIMAS as a mountaineering instructor. He belongs to the Gorkha Regiment and has done his mountaineering courses from HAWS. He has climbed mountaineering peaks like Mt Machoi (5391M), Mt Kangto-6 (6062M) and has participated in NIMAS Winter Bailey Trail Trekking Expedition in 2021.

Hav Jaypal Singh, SM

Hav Jaypal Singh, SM is an arid mountaineer and joins NIMAS as a mountaineering instructor. He belongs to GARH RIF Regiment and has done his mountaineering courses from HAWS. His experience in mountaineering include successful summit of Mt Makalu (8485M), unnamed peak (6018 M), Mt Kamet (7756M) and Mt Machoi (5391M). He has been awarded Sena Medal for his outstanding performance in mountaineering.

Hav Gopal Singh

Hav Gopal Singh joined NIMAS Team as a mountaineering instructor. He belongs to KUMAON of the Indian Army and has qualified from HAWS with excellent gradings.

Nk Debendra Bahadur GM

Nk Debendra Bahadur GM who hails from Nepal joined NIMAS as a mountaineering instructor. He belongs to Gorkha Regiment and has done his mountaineering courses from HAWS.

Nk Amritpal Singh

Nk Amritpal Singh who is from the elite Parachute Regiment joined NIMAS as mountaineering instructor. He has qualified from HAWS with excellent gradings. Hav Amritpal Singh is a paratrooper who is also a certified Paraglider and Paramotor pilot.

Miss Basanti Devi Soren

Civil instructor Miss Basanti Devi Soram is the mountain instructor at NIMAS. She has a passion for mountaineering. She belongs to Nagamapal, Imphal (Manipur.

Mr Ranjan

Civil instructor Mr Laishram Ranjan Singh is the mountain instructor at NIMAS. He has a passion for mountaineering. He belongs to Leiphrakpam, Imphal (Manipur.

Nk Suraj Malik

Nk Suraj Malik has joined NIMAS as a MTB Instructor. He belongs to Rajputana Rifles Regiment of the Indian Army. He has earned many podium level finishes in the national level in the difficult sport of Mountain Terrain Biking Field.


Lnk Sanjay

Lnk Sanjay joins NIMAS team as an instructor of Para Motor. He is from the Rajputana Regiment.

Lnk Sumit Ghosh

Lnk Sumit Ghosh joins NIMAS team as an instructor of Para Motor. He is from the elite Parachute Regiment and was an instructor at Army PARA node at Agra.

Rfn Tekchan Oli

Rfn Tekchan Oli belongs to Gorkha Regiment of the Indian Army. He has passion for aero adventure sports & has outstanding instructional abilities. He has joined NIMAS as a paramotor instructor.

Mr Rajpal Singh

Civil instructor Mr Rajpal Singh is the Paramotor instructor at NIMAS. He is the ex army person. He belongs to Punjab State.

Hav Shashi Pal

Hav Shashi Pal belongs to JAK RIF Regiments of the Indian Army. He has passion for aero adventure sports and has outstanding instructional abilities. He has joined NIMAS as a paragliding instructor.

Hav Ranjit Singh

Hav Ranjit Singh belongs to SIKH Regiment of the Indian Army. An aero adventure specialist with outstanding instructional abilities. He has joined NIMAS as a senior paragliding instructor.


Hav Darshan Singh Athwal

Hav Darshan Singh who hails from Punjab is a Scuba Diving instructor at NIMAS. He belongs to Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army. He has passion for aquatic adventure sports and has outstanding instructional abilities.

Nk Himmat Singh

Nk Himmat Singh is from the elite Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army. Recently he has joined NIMAS team as a scuba instructor.

Hav Shelke Shrikant Kuber

Hav Shelke Shrikant Kuber belongs to Maratha Light Infantry of the Indian Army. He joined NIMAS as a rafting instructor. He has passion for aquatic adventure sports and has outstanding instructional abilities.

Hav Ganesh Paul

Hav Ganesh Paul belongs to JAK RIF Regiment and has joined NIMAS as rafting instructor. He has passion for aquatic adventure sports and has been an instructor at various Army Rafting Adventure nodes.

Sep Satish Oraon

Sep Satish Oraon belongs to BIHAR Regiment and have joined NIMAS as Rafting instructor. He has done his rafting courses from Army Rafting nodes for aquatic adventure ports and under the aegis of Army Adventure Wing.


Capt Pankaj (Medical Officer)

Capt Pankaj is posted as a Medical Officer at NIMAS. He did his Medical Degree from Government Vellore Medical College, Vellore. Capt Pankaj hails from the heart of India “New Delhi”. He is an avid adventure alongwith expertise in medical field. Apart from training and courses the officer’s deep involvement and sheer enthusiasm has been visibly appreciated during NIMAS Seven River Rafting Exploration Expedition-2020, Arunachal Pradesh, NIMAS Mount Kun (7077M) Expedition -2021 and in India’s First Multidimensional Adventure Sports Expedition in France 2021.

Hav (NA) Rakesh Yadav

Hav (NA) Rakesh Yadav joined NIMAS as a medical staff. He hails from Banaras and was posted at Military Hospital, Hisar.

Hav (NA) Ram Prakash

Hav (NA) Ram Prakash joined NIMAS as a medical staff. Before joining NIMAS he has served at Military Hospital, Jaipur.


Maj Abhishek Sharma(Works Officer)

Having done his BE from Pune University, Maj Abhishek Sharma is tenanting the appointment of Works Officer, NIMAS. An alumnus of Indian Military Academy, he was commissioned in the prestigious Madras Sappers. From figuring out site layouts to conducting quality checks, his appointment at the Institute is self-admittedly challenging yet motivating. The Engineer Officer thrives on his adventurous streak and often finds himself going off on long treks with troops as well as friends.

Nb Sub (SKT) Ajay Kumar

Nb Sub (SKT) Ajay Kumar is from Engineers Regiment (BEG). He is posted to NIMAS as an administrative staff and is responsible for all minor maintenance and construction related works at the institute.

Nk Harpreet Singh

Nk Harpreet Singh is posted to NIMAS as an electrician. He handles all types of electrical work within NIMAS Campus and also during training period. He belongs to Engineer Regiment

Spr Ramesh MK

Spr Ramesh MK is from Engineers Regiment (BEG). He is posted to NIMAS as an Engr staff.


Nb Sub Clk (SD) Ravi Devadkar

Nb Sub Clk (SD) Ravi Devadkar has joined NIMAS team from the MARATHA LIGHT INFANTRY of the Indian Army. Presently he has been performing the duties of Training Junior Commissioned Officer of NIMAS with full zeal and dedication. His experience and deep knowledge enables to maintain all records of the institute and also timely submissions of all training related documents/reports to concerned authorities

Hav Clk (SD) Jasveer Singh

Hav Clk (SD) Jasveer Singh has recently joined the NIMAS team, he is from GARH RIF regiment of Indian Army, Presently he is working in the Establishment Section

Hav Suresh Rai

Hav Suresh Rai belongs to Mech Inf of the Indian Army. He is posted at NIMAS as a driver and performing duty as MT NCO

Sub Maj Clk (SD) Jagat Ram

Sub Maj Clk (SD) Jagat Ram was posted to NIMAS team from the PUNJAB Regiment. His thorough understanding about documentation processes makes him an able and priceless part of the “NIMAS Core Team”. His experience in all round staff duties assist the institute and make him as the best administrative adviser to the Director.

Sub Somath Basak

From taking stock of current equipment to issuing new equipment to students, Sub Somath Basak is the institute’s go-to-man for any gear related queries. He takes interest in his work and handles the adventure equipment store of NIMAS.

Sub Kailesh Kumar

Institute’s food and lodging challenges are handled by Sub Kailesh Kumar. His enthusiasm shows in the way he interacts with his kitchen staff. His love for cooking is well-known and so is his penchant to make the best of the work.

Nb Sub Clk (SD) Chiranjib Biswas

Nb Sub Clk (SD) Chiranjib Biswas was posted to NIMAS team from the Sikh Regiment. He is currently holding the financial fort of the institute with utmost sincerity and dedication.

Hav Clk (SD) Subhash Chand

Hav Clk (SD) Subhash Chand is from the MADRAS Regt. He is posted with NIMAS team as a procurement clerk and is performing duties under account section.

Hav Clk (SD) Manish Kumar

As PA to the Director, Hav (Clk) Manish Kumar has become an important part of NIMAS team. He takes a keen interest in documentation as well as in financial matters and keeps the show going even during crisis managements.

Hav Clk (SD) Rateesh K

Hav Clk (SD) Rateesh K is from the ASSAM Regt. He is posted with NIMAS team as a account clerk. He is performing duties under account section

Hav Clk (SD) Aswanth B

Hav Clk (SD) Aswanth B is from the SIKH LI Regt. He is posted with NIMAS team as a clerk. He is performing duties under account section

Hav Pradeep Kumar

Hav Pradeep Kumar belongs to ASC of the Indian Army. He is posted at NIMAS as an administrative staff.

Hav Biswakanta Barman

Hav Biswakanta Barman belongs to Assam Regt of the Indian Army. He is posted at NIMAS as an administrative staff.

Sep Raj Kumar Sharma

Sep Raj Kumar Sharma belongs to Army Avn Corps. He is posted at NIMAS as an administrative staff.

Gnr Thobare Yogesh Narayan

Gnr Thobare Yogesh Narayan belongs to Arty Regiment. He is posted at NIMAS as an administrative staff.

Nb Sub Manoj Kumar

Nb Sub Manoj Kumar has joined NIMAS team from the Army Aviation Corps of the Indian Army. Presently he is performing the duties in the Establishment Branch.

Nb Sub Sailen Rai

Nb Sub Sailen Rai joins NIMAS team as a Mountain Instructor cum Estate security staff. Presently he is performing duty as a Subedar Adjutant. He belongs to Jammu and Kashmir Rifles Regiment of the Indian Army. His experience & manpower management is an asset to the institute.

Hav Patil Satish Kakasaheb

Hav Patil Satish Kakasaheb belongs to the Signal Regiment of the Indian Army. He is posted as an operator at NIMAS. He is actively involved in training and also during expeditions.

Hav (AEC) Surjeet Singh

Hav (AEC) Surjeet Singh is from the Army Education Corps of the Indian Army. He is posted with NIMAS as a librarian. A versatile person who is ready to perform any given task.

Hav (MT Dvr) Rathor Dhanraj Singh

Hav (MT Dvr) Rathod Dhanraj Sinh Dhanraj belongs to Army Supply Corps of the Indian Army. He is posted at NIMAS as a driver and performs the duty as the MT NCO.

Hav Rajesh Kumar Gavari

Hav Rajesh Kumar Gavaria belongs to the Signal Regiment of the Indian Army. He is posted as an operator at NIMAS. He is actively involved in training and also during expeditions.

Hav Chatur Somanath

Hav Chatur Somanath belongs to Artillery Regiment. He is posted at NIMAS as an administrative staff.

Nk Gavai Sidharth Dinkar

Nk Gavai Sidharth Dinkar belongs to MAHAR Regt of the Indian Army. He is posted at NIMAS as an administrative staff.

Nk Logu K

Nk Logu K is from Army Supply Corps of the Indian Army. He is posted at NIMAS as a driver .


Mrs. Sunita Lechpa

Mrs. Sunita Lechpa is the official despatcher and keeper of files at NIMAS. An army widow, her dedication and support to everyday activities is something the team is thankful for.

Mr. Pem Thingly

He is the official assistant and keeper of files at NIMAS. His dedication and hard work is praise worthy.

Mr Lobsang Tenzin Bapu

Mr Lobsang Tenzin Bapu. He is official staff at NIMAS. He has also completed Arunachal Pradesh Seven River Exploration Expedition from Nov-Dec 2020. His hard work and dedication towards his work is praise worthy


Mr. Tongchen Nimsonga

From helping in construction to serving the guests, Tongchen is true Man Friday of NIMAS. Having worked as a security guard before, his life at NIMAS is full of fresh possibilities. He has experienced paragliding, rafting and has surprised everyone with his outstanding mountaineering skill. In 2018, he has successfully scaled Mt Everest with NIMAS team.

Mr. Dorjee Khandu

As a High Altitude Porter he has accompanied multiple NIMAS batches during mountaineering courses. Mr. Dorjee Khandu is quite certain about his love for the mountains. He has scaled Mt Gorichen and constantly looks forward for more adventures. In 2018, he has successfully scaled Mt Everest with NIMAS team.

Mr. Tosap Rime

An explorer at heart, Mr. Tosap Rime has been with NIMAS for over two years now. He has been a High Altitude Porter and feels enriched by the experiences the institute has brought into his otherwise quiet life in the hills. He was adjudged ‘Best In Physical’ in the Basic Mountaineering Course.

Mr. Konjo Tsering

An explorer at heart, Mr. Konjo Tsering has been with NIMAS for over one year now. He has been a High Altitude Porter and feels enriched by the experiences the institute has brought into his otherwise quiet life in the hills.


Niraj Bhagat, Mumbai

B.E.( Engineering), MBA. Trekker at heart. Right since my school days when I would go for treks with my Dad, I have loved the mountains beyond anything. After years of trekking in the western ghats- the sahyadris I recently started Himalayan treks with Triund trek, Chadar trek & Stok Kangri. I felt the urge to take it a step forward and be properly introduced to mountaineering. I always had this dream of training with the army. The dream came to life as the HAWS trained instructors imparted mountain knowledge to me. Daily physical training, rock climbing sessions, knots & rope coiling made the journey way too interesting.The untouched route towards Meerathang Glacier from Jang was always accompanied by a river running parallel with crystal clean water. The scenes were surreal and out of this world. We did carry a lot of weight in our backpacks but the snow clad-mountains made us forget it all. Hot water springs at Mago was my first tryst with the magical healing waters- they can soothe all your body pains. Meerathang Glacier being the finale of this journey provides a jaw dropping view of the biggest ice wall amongst the Indian mountaineering institutes.Also the blue water tarn at Meerathang is truly a gem. A perfect climax for the journey. Being transported from Dirang to New Melling we also got to enjoy the Sela Pass at 13700 ft, pray at Jaswantgarh war memorial & visit the wonderful Tawang Monastery ! Wonder places. Wonderful People :) Best 27 days of my life !

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That apart from time, it takes an individual hard work to come into her own, is Sujata Goankar Negi's life story. As the daughter of an Air Force man and the wife of a Naval officer, Sujata had always been accustomed to travel and making the most of the outdoors. However, a fatal snake bite in 2012 changed much of how she looks at life and goes about it. She slowly revived her passion for hockey, started training in golf and began long distance running. After participating in the challenging 120 km Siachen Glacier Trek, Sujata decided to further her skills in mountaineering by undergoing training at NIMAS.

What inspired you to train to scale the mountains?
I must admit, there is a deep satisfaction in setting a stretch goal, figuring out how to accomplish it, challenging to dig deep within, then going about the business of making it happen. Climbing up to kumar post in siachen glacier was definitely a confidence-builder and the result is very comforting. The participation certificate is a worthy reminder of achieving something difficult, something that few people get the opportunity and fewer complete. It is then my husband suggested that I should do a basic course n mountaineering which would be helpful to scale the mountains.

According to you, what role do the mind and body play in mountaineering?
Mind and body play important roles since one needs to have a good cardiovascular system, leg musculature for climbing and upper body strength for carrying the backpack. One must be mentally prepared for some hardship, discomfort, and risk in climbing mountains. What's most important is to have willpower and passion to do something challenging.

Describe an incident during training that you are likely never to forget.
There are many such incidents but one which I would like to highlight happened on my way back from Jithang to Mirathan. It was snowing very heavily, I fell down and hurt my knee. It was very challenging physically and mentally since I had no other option other than to walk or get the team members to carry me down to Mirathan and then walk down 24 kms to New Meling the next day. Lt. Cdr. Upadhyay, one of the team members and Dev sir were a great support, both held my hand and helped me walk down. This taught me a great lesson and I am still figuring out how to be a better climber and how to deal with my own weakness.

What's your greatest takeaway from NIMAS?
Don't indulge in false bravado. Make sure you get proper training in trekking and climbing and make yourself physically and mentally fit before undertaking any expedition. The care, quality and professionalism of the instructors during my basic and advance course really stand out. The instructors and the staff (cooks, porters and other staff) put in countless hours to make the students comfortable and safe in the mountains.

If you have a dream peak that you want to scale, which one is it and why?
Like the aspiration of many other climbers, mine too lies in Mount Everest. But before I attempt an expedition to Everest, I need to climb a few other mountains and gain the necessary experience. Putting myself beyond the comfort zone in anything is an adventure for me. Climbing carries the same spirit and awakens in me a desire to challenge myself.


There are some people out there with whom you'd easily exchange places in life. One of them is Rijul Gill, who discovered his love for mountaineering while he was pursuing his Engineering degree. Having grown up in Dharamshala, Rijul has been surrounded by the mountains ever since he was a little boy. Whether he was at home or in school, the windows would invariably open out into sights that are unforgettable. Having recently trained at both NIMAS and the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM), Rijul now stands on the brink of more adventure than he has ever experienced in his life.

What inspired you to take up mountaineering?

The magnificent Dhauladhar Mountain Range just behind my backyard has always been my inspiration. As a kid I would look at this towering range wondering if we could cross over to the other side and whether it was possible to scale one of its peaks. I had love for nature right from my childhood and I would often gaze out of my classroom window admiring the beauty of the mountains. I was in the second year of engineering and probably the least fit when suddenly my friends decided to climb Mon peak in Dharamshala little knowing that it was a technical peak. We could not make it to the top of the peak but we were able to make it to the top of Indrahara pass. That was the defining moment of my life. From there on I worked on my fitness and found excuses to be at the top of the mountains. I have never looked back since then and in a span of 5 years I have managed to cross over 40 high mountain passes in the DHAULADHAR RANGE, PIR PANJAL RANGE, GREAT HIMALAYAN RANGE and ZANSKAR RANGE. As I trekked more and more I got in touch with Cdr. Satyabrata Dam sir who is one of the leading mountaineers in the world. His climbs and explorations have inspired me so much so that I wish to climb some of the most challenging peaks in the Himalayas.

What difference did you see in your approach once you had trained in mountaineering?
An individual with the potential to become a climber par excellence is best compared to an uncut diamond. Just as an uncut diamond requires thorough polishing to bring out its true shine, an individual needs training. It is training that makes it possible for the individual to touch upon his potential in team work, leadership etc. I had been doing treks and free style climbs without any technical knowhow. At times I would get stuck in some tricky patches of ice and rocks and would struggle to find a way out. Now that I have gained the technical skills by attending BMC and AMC courses, I feel I should have done them way back. The technical knowhow makes you fully equipped to tackle any challenge on the mountains. I can easily make out whether a particular slope is an avalanche slope or not, I now know how to rescue someone if they get stuck in a crevasse or how to traverse a crevasse zone. This is where mountaineering courses make a difference. As a lay man, one doesn't have access to the minute details of mountaineering which can come in handy anytime. For example, there are so many knots that we can make with a rope but when we do these mountaineering courses we realize where we need a particular kind of knot. I have seen a complete transformation in me after undergoing these courses. I am now better equipped to tackle any challenge that comes in my way while climbing. Undergoing BMC training at NIMAS was actually the best thing that ever happened to me. I was poor at rock climbing but I enhanced my skills to a great extent courtesy the high grade training provided at NIMAS. Before undertaking the mountaineering course I would avoid ice walls and look for alternate routes which were generally longer to traverse a particular slope on the mountain. Now that I have learnt how to climb an ice wall using 4 points in NIMAS, I can climb an ice wall with confidence saving both my time and energy

Apart from fitness of mind and body, what else do you feel is needed to excel in adventure sports?
Respect for nature is the key to be a good mountaineer. There are so many mountaineers who literally fill the mountains with trash and tons of trash accumulated at Mt.Everest is a testimony to this fact. A person must be a team man and he should always put others before self. Mountaineering is a very noble sport where one has to rise above his own self. He has to be a good human being first. Patience, persistence and hard work are other qualities that one must have to excel in adventure sports.

Share with us one adventure sport experience you can't possibly forget.
We were a group of three friends who were at the base camp ( 4000 meters ) of DRATI Pass ( 4800 meters ) leading to Pangi / Lahoul from Churah in Chamba camping underneath a rock overhang just adjacent to a river. After having dinner we had dozed off to sleep and it suddenly started raining heavily (unlike how we had seen rains in the high mountains). This resulted in a flash flood and water entered the rock overhang due to which our equipment got completely wet and many of our equipment even got washed away. We ran for safety to an open space and as it was raining very heavily, we could not move from that area. We got completely drenched and were shivering. We had a plastic sheet and we sat on the uneven ground and covered our head and body with that plastic sheet. It rained incessantly that night and we had to sit like that till 5 am until it stopped raining. The clouds disappeared all of a sudden and sun shone as if nothing had happened the previous night. Around 6 am I looked at my friends who looked tired and asked them what should we do, should we head back? They said we have come this far after walking for 3 days and there is no point turning back so we should continue with our journey. We unanimously decided to cross the pass. It took us 7 hours to reach the top of that pass. There was no water enroute so we had to walk without having any water. It was only around 3 pm that we reached a water point and quenched our thirst. Most of our equipment was wet and some of it even got washed away so we were also out of gear. We had no option but to walk long that day to reach a village. It was around 10:30 pm when we reached TINDI village. This was one unforgettable experience in the Himalayas.

If there's a dream peak you'd want to scale, which one would it be and why?
Climbing a peak is always a mountaineer's dream and I wish to climb NANGA PARBAT which is the 9th highest mountain in the world at 8127 meters. I was first fascinated by NANGA PARBAT when I read about it in the autobiography of Austrian Mountaineer Heinrich Harrer. The description of NANGA PARBAT by Mr.Harrer and difficulties they faced enroute to their unsuccessful expedition mesmerized to such an extent that it became my dream mountain. Reinhold Messner's account on climbing the RUPAL face of NANGA PARBAT and then descending the DAIMIR face where he lost his brother has further kindled my desire to climb NANGA PARBAT which is technically very difficult and is also called the "THE MAN EATER " because of high fatality rate.


The lure presented by nature and especially the mountains is irresistible for almost everyone. But for some who have a special love for the outdoors and adventure, it can be the beginning of something much bigger. Like Naidu Sunny, who grew up feasting on a variety of sports but had to give it all up along the way as education and work became bigger priorities. However, soon enough, Naidu found himself longing to be fit and physically active again and in time, went back to running, cycling and yoga. Here he talks about his latest love - the love of mountaineering.

What inspired you to want to train at NIMAS?
There are three main reasons why training at NIMAS attracted me. Firstly, I'd heard that the institute has quite a few experienced trainers. That apart, upon research I'd found that the BMC course at NIMAS is one of the toughest both in terms of elevation and trekking route. Thirdly, NIMAS came across as a liberal institute that focuses more on an individual's genuine interest in sport than anything else. This made the process of admission seem more pleasant and achievable.

What is it about mountaineering that attracts you the most?
Mountaineering tests your will power. Climbing mountains gives you a chance to be disconnected from the outside world and away from distractions. In the process, a different perspective of life emerges. You feel grateful for all the little things and get adjusted to what ever food available,sleeping in tents and spending time with like-minded people.

What is that one quality you feel a student needs to have to train as a mountaineer?
I'd say it's actually two things rolled up in one : immense willpower and a never-give-up attitude. These qualities can set the stage for great learning and personal development.

Can you recall an incident that you experienced during training, one that you will never forget?
This happened on the second day of our glacier training. After breakfast at base camp, we started walking to the glacier. I was walking comfortably till about an hour. Suddenly, my left leg shin started hurting and I was not able to walk further.Even taking a single step was difficult. When i saw my left leg, great deal of the skin near the foot had come out and blood was oozing because of repeated rubbing of scarpa shoe with skin.I was not able to bear the pain. I stopped and took a break. I was left alone with the trainer and every one started moving further. I thought of returning to the base camp, but the trainer kept motivating me and kept saying " You are strong, you are very close to the glacier. Keep going". Every step from there was painful, despite bandaging the wound. Despite my struggle, the doctor and trainer never stopped encouraging me. In fact, the trainer didn't leave my side at all. Finally, I did reach the glacier and even underwent training. I had to bear the excruciating pain for six to seven hours and if not for all that encouragement, I don't know how that day would have turned out to be.I remembered the famous saying "Your body can stand almost anything.It's your mind that you have to convince".

If you have a dream peak you would want to scale, which one would it be and why?
It has got to be Mount Everest. All mountaineers dream is to climb mount Everest in their life time.